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Do I Really Want to Be an Alpaca Farmer?

TessCatalog2Well, you could just go out and buy yourself an alpaca (you really will need two because alpacas really do not do well alone), and you can find out whether alpaca rearing is for you.  But — what if you find out you don’t like getting up every morning to feed and clean up poop!! Or, you live in an apartment and you are not sure your neighbors would like one of these cuddly creatures next door!! Or, maybe you are not sure you want to pay that huge price for an animal you really do not know that much about!!

Or, you could become a member of FAST and buy a fractional share or two of a Mountain Sky PacaShare Breeding Alpaca, and….

  • You can stay in your apartment or suburban home and still own a share of an alpaca. You can come to the ranch at most times and play or work with your  alpaca(s) –just like the way you can interact with a grandchild!
  • You do not have to get up in the morning to feed and scoop, we do that for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about properly caring for those alpacas when you have never even cared for a cat! We will care for you precious animal and have full time trained help and veterinary care every day to love and care for your alpaca.
  • You know that going to shows with your alpaca would be fun but you are nervous about it, and you really do not know if you can afford it.  So, so our experienced show staff will do it for you, and you can come if you would like, and watch your alpaca win ribbons.
  • You have now decided you like this alpaca ranching stuff. Well great, we will help you buy your new herd, advise you on setting up your ranch, and most importantly allow you to take advantage of your PacaShare ownership and partnership to market and sell your new animals when you are ready.
  • Finally, instead of starting out in a new business on your own, or even with us acting your mentors and business advisors, you will have developed relationships with all of the other PacaShare community partners in the FAST Program that will give you a huge advantage going out into a new business.