Elite Alpacas for Sale in Colorado

PacaCare Transporting

Need to Get Your Animals to a Show, Auction, Breeding, or Sale?

Mountain Sky Ranch offers safe, secure and caring transport throughout the United States.  We have years of experience transporting valuable performance and show animals to destinations from coast to coast.  We are located right in the heartland of the country (near Denver, CO) and we make frequent scheduled trips across the country.  We have great pride in the biosecurity and care that we provide to all our animal clients.  In many cases your animals will be traveling alongside our own, and even if they are not we will always treat them like our own!!

We have a customized CM Steel 24 foot trailer pulled by a 2005 Ford 1 ton Super Duty with an 8 ft. bed.  The trailer was custom made to haul alpacas based on an enclosed horse trailer design. It has air conditioning and abundant inside fans for summer cooling.  The floor is insulated, has a thick rubber mat, and we cover the floor with a thick layer of straw to keep the animals cool when they are laying (cushing).  There are five windows on each side we can open fully or partially depending upon the weather.  The interior can be modified into up to four separate internal stalls, each with separate hay and water availability.  We have a generator for constant power with a webcam in the trailer broadcasting to our ipads wherever we are, so we can view the animals in all situations.