Elite Alpacas for Sale in Colorado

For Sale

TessCatalog2We are a breeding/showing/genetics farm, so as they say, everything is for sale for a price.  We are proud of our genetic improvement process that we are employing here at Mountain Sky Ranch, and we encourage you to visit with us and see what we have that might meet your needs.

We have a wide variety of options for you to consider as a way that you can become involved with the Earth Friendly Alpaca, or if you are already an alpaca rancher, you can upgrade your herd.  Let me talk about a few of our options and you can browse around at what these options involve:

  1. Young Maiden Females – these are young girls that have not yet been bred that could become foundation producers for you and your herd.
  2. Bred Females – these are breeding females of all ages that have a variety of genetics and breeding histories.  These girls will come with live birth guarantees and have in all cases been “up-bred” to continually improve genetics.IMG_4373
  3. Fiber Males – Most of the males that we currently produce will not have the highest quality fleece characterstics that we beleive are necessary to use as herdsires.  These boys are of great genetic quality and have good to great fleece, but are not the “top of the line” that we believe should be used in breeding.  We sell these boys at very minimal pricing for pet and fleece production buyers.
  4. Junior Herdsires – These are young boys (usually under 3 years old) that we believe have exceptional genetics, confirmation and fleece, who will make excellent sires for improving the quality of our herd and any other herd.  They have typically not yet been bred and we will provide fertility guarantees.
  5. Herdsires – These are our proven males that we are using as herdsires for our own herd and are being used as sires for other herds.  These are the special boys that have the best qualities for genetic improvement.  We will sell, lease or sell stud services for these boys.AlexionRackCardProfile
  6. Packages – Yes, we can put together just the right combination of options for your needs.  We do not specifically advertise packages, because we beleive everyone has different needs and interests, so we would rather customize for just your needs.  Just ask us and we will come up with a variety of options for you, or you can suggest some options to us.
  7. Fractional Share Ownership –  This is our most exciting and unique option and offering.