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Herdsires For Hire

OK, when you want to breed your girls at home, you put them into your trailer (with their young cria at their side) truck them over to the herdsire you have chosen for breeding and leave them there for 1-3 months.  Thats just the way it is done, right?

Well, why?  Maybe there is a better way to get your breedings done.  Safer, less stressful for the animals and much easier for you.  WE WILL BRING OUR BOY(S) TO YOU!!  Thats right, to your farm, use your paddock or we can bring a portable pen.  We help with the breeding and assure it is properly completed, we will leave, you will spit test in a week, again in another week and then ultrasound (at our cost) and hopefully we have a pregnancy.  If not, we will bring the boy back and rebreed, or we will refund your payment – whichever you choose.

How much easier, less stressful, and safer is that?  Our boys health will be certified before coming to your farm, and we have had considerable experience with successful breeding.  Why is this not a better way?


We are excited about our herdsires that we have at the Ranch. We have several fabulous Snowmass boys that we have used over many of our girls, and we know they could help you upgrade some of the girls at your ranch. These were not the first string at Snowmass (eg. Matrix) but they are a very close second!! Let us strategize with you about how they might fit with your girls.  Plus we have sons of some of the great imports: Predictor (Hemingway son), Mozart (El Moustachio son) and Sir Issac (Royal Fawn son). The genetics, the phenotypes and the fleece quality are all intended to allow you to affordably upgrade your herd and then the daughters of these breedings can be bred up again to the animals that properly match the multi-thousand dollar breeding fees.

These boys have the fiber of the future with phenotypes that are just what they should be. Belvedere, Predictor, Velvet, SNT, Majesty, Inspiration and Iceman all have fineness, crimp and brightness as mature breeding boys that you would only expect in yearlings. This is the future!! We will bring these boys to you, so you do not have to trailer up a mom with a young cria and ship her to an unfamiliar place.