Elite Alpacas for Sale in Colorado


klondikeWould you like to own some alpacas, but you do not have anywhere to keep them?  No worries, we will gladly board your animals for you until you can get your own place for them to stay.  In “alpacaworld” we call this agisting.  Do not ask me why.  I don’t think it is a spanish term, but who knows.

We have outstanding facilities for keeping your animals, and we will treat them with all the care and love that you do.  We have full-time care for our animals all seven days of the week, and we are intimately involved with all our animals on a daily basis. We have a isolated quarantine area for all animals that leave the ranch for any length of time.  Our paddock and pasture management program is exceptional, and we carefully monitor and manage individual animal health on a daily basis. We practice careful bio-security measures in our facilities to reduce disease and parasite issues.

Deb and Wayne are both biologists that have 25+ years of animal care experience.  We have successfully operated two different dog boarding kennels in the past.  We also owned and operated a pet store for several years and cared for animals of all types on a 24/7/365 basis.  We believe all this experience gives us excellent expertise and credibility to care for ours and your alpacas.

bubba_leftsideWe have a Professional Show Handling service that we also provide to a limited group of our partners and clients, and you may want to have your animal(s) participate in this program also.  We will be attending from 12 – 15 shows throughout the country on an annual basis.  We can provide birthing services for your animal(s) as needed.

Finally, we have year around sustainably managed pastures for your animals to graze along with feeding quality hay, grain and minerals.  All of our show, breeding females, and boarded alpacas reside in secure indoor stalls at night, and we have outstanding guard dogs and guard lamas for animal protection.  Finally, we are located at the end of a road in a secluded valley.  We effectively have no immediately close neighbors, so your alpaca(s) have little chance to be affected by adjacent properties.


Our boarding fees are $3.50 per day and we do not have any minimum stay period (other than quarantining initially for disease control).  You will be able to take your animal home whenver you choose as long as are current on your billing.  We will give discounts for multiple animals.  Please contact us to talk about your boarding needs further, and most importantly come and visit us to see just how your alpaca(s) would be cared for.  Call us at 303-495-3705 or email us at wayne@ecolonomics.org.