Elite Alpacas for Sale in Colorado

Who Is Mountain Sky

Who Is Mountain Sky

We are Wayne and Deb Dorband and we would love to see you here in Colorado at Mountain Sky Ranch. We moved to our little piece of heaven in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains near the shadows of Longs Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park almost ten years ago. We wanted to get a piece of land where we could train our dogs and be close to our friends. Little did we know that we would soon embrace the lifestyle of sustainable and regenerative agriculture that we could demonstrate to others as an incredible way of life.

No way we could have guessed that a big part of our lives would be a very large herd of alpacas.  But they are!

We have gone through an amazing “ride” through the last nine years.  One big part of it has been the addition of alpacas to our already diverse permaculture strategy.  We believe we are now one of the pre-eminent elite alpaca breeders in North America. Our alpacas for sale and hire include the genetics of Hemingway, Leon, Felix, El Moustachio, Guellermo, Bueno, Plantel, Danko, Matrix, Elite, Quechua, Legacy, Jericho, Titan and more.

We have worked very hard to develop genetics, phenotype and most importantly fleece quality in our herd.  We strongly believe in lingering fineness (10 year old animals having <20 micron fleece), We are committed to the development of a sustainable EPD program and most importantly we want to breed animals that will consistently produce offspring that are as good or better than they are.

Are you competitive?  We are, and we like to win! We love to show alpacas and we understand clearly what it takes to win in the halter ring and in fleece shows.  We have consistently won banners and ribbons in the alpaca show world.  We know we can partner with you to do the same.


Most importantly, we are committed to demonstrating and showing others how alpacas can be one part of a regenerative  and sustainable farming operation. To us, regenerative farming means making a profit for the overall farming operation, making the planet better with as many of our activities as possible and finally touching people with what we are doing in a positive manner.  Talk to us how this might work for you also.